For some years now the concept of ‘Paddock to Plate’ has been embraced by a variety of innovative premium food producers.

At Small World Bakery we are endeavouring to introduce the same concept to our business by expanding into the fields of grain growing and flour milling.

We have commenced sourcing a variety of older wheats and other related grains such as Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt and Khorasan. As only minute quantities of these seeds are available it will take several years until we have a sufficient volume of our Langhorne Creek grown grain to enable us to produce flour to use in our bread production.

In the meantime we have ordered and have under construction a 40” New American Stone Mill from Andrew Heyn who is based in Vermont, USA. Our mill will arrive in mid-2017 and be the first of these mills to be commissioned outside of North America. We will then be able to bring to you bread with a high proportion of fresh milled flour made from grain purchased from around Australia. Having visited and worked in many bakeries around the world who mill and bake within the one operation we are excited to soon bring to you bread with a combination of flavour and aroma derived directly from the grain.

As we expand the area of grain grown under our direction we plan to encourage other growers, both in our immediate region and in selected areas around Australia, to take the seed we have produced and grow grains which we can then use in our milling and baking. In time we hope you will develop a preference for a loaf made from a particular variety of wheat in the same way you have your favourite variety of apple or grape.

Join us in developing a local grain economy.