1.What is sourdough?

Sourdough bread is made using naturally occurring yeast and bacteria (found on the flour and in the environment) to leaven the loaf. Our bread contains no commercially cultured yeast. True sourdough bread (like ours) is made from three basic ingredients –flour, water and salt. It’s all we need. To enhance our bread we sometimes incorporate grains, seeds or dried fruit.

2.What is the best way to store my bread?

For the first day simply leave your loaf cut side down on a bench or chopping board. For the next one or two days we simply store the bread in a paper bag or better still in one of the cloth bread storage bags now available. If you prefer a softer crust you can store your bread in a plastic bag. If you wish to keep the bread longer than a couple of days it may be frozen. We recommend first wrapping your loaf in plastic wrap then placing it in a freezer bag excluding as much air as possible. Individual parcels of sliced bread can be stored in a similar manner.

3.What is Heritage Flour?

A movement is beginning around the world to revive lost and pre-industrial agriculture era grains. It is believed there will be flavour enhancements in the flours produced and ecological benefits from growing a more diverse range of varieties. Some of the Federation era Australian wheats are proving to be delicious and highly suitable for stone milling. In addition very old grains like Emmer, Spelt and Khorasan all pre-date modern wheat and give the baker more flavours and textures to work with.

4.Do you produce any gluten free bread?

No. We understand the serious nature of Coeliac Disease and due to the layout of our production facility we can’t guarantee that there is no wheat flour contamination in any potential gluten free products.

5.Does your bread contain less gluten? Is your bread suitable for people with gluten intolerance?

Our bread is made with flour which contains the gluten proteins we love to harness for our loose textured, tender crumb! However, our dough is fermented slowly & fully and some people with a gluten sensitivity find this enables them to enjoy our bread regularly.

If you have any other questions please email us at [email protected]